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A Novella

Published: December 31, 2022

Available in: paperback from Amazon

As a cop, Roy never looked the other way…

Until that one time…

Soon, looking the other way became his job…

Shouldn’t that have made his life easier?

Detective Roy Wudestoke is a prisoner. What started as a simple security job has turned into a life of isolation and misery.

At first, it was easy. He spent his days sitting in a rocking chair, guarding a residential block, while his colleagues broke their backs doing actual police work.

Then the neighbors all decided to move, and Roy followed the money.

The neighborhood followed them all.  Upon moving across the country, Roy found himself living in the same house guarding the same block.

Over the years, the neighbors and Roy, moved again and again.  Each time, the neighborhood was identical to the previous one.

Along the way, the deaths started. And Roy said nothing. The neighbors truly owned his soul.

Is it too late for Roy to do the right thing?  Find out in The Long Game, a companion novella to Neighbors.

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