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What I use to write next-level fiction!

This is the best plotting software around. It's a virtual cork-board and so much more. I use it to outline each book. Then, after drafting, I go back and fill in characters and places and create a project bible for ease in sequel writing. There are also templates for all kinds of novels and other things I haven't explored yet. I can't recommend this software enough. I purchased the lifetime license during their holiday sale and it was well worth the price.

What I am currently using to draft. This program is a dream come true. Everything you need to draft is on the screen at once. It seems overwhelming at first, but a quick read of Scrivener for Dummies is all you need to get acquainted with all this program has to offer.  I use the Mac version and have and no issues with it at all.

This is a free service that generates a page for your book that has links to everywhere it can be purchased. It is very handy for directing non-site specific traffic to your products (ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks). You can even customize your URL. In addition, a page for your book is also generated that contains the cover and the description you have on the stores. The sites that are generated are classy looking and the service they provide for free is something that many authors would gladly pay for.

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