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A Novelette

Published: December 31, 2022

Available in: ebook and paperback from Amazon

After a lifetime of manipulation…

And the loss of home, family, and security…

Can a left-over boy and a broken girl find a happily ever after?

No one ever asked Shermy if he wanted to live his life as part of a secret organization carrying out a dangerous, and ultimately futile, experiment.

In fact, he didn’t even know that was his life, until the night he lost everything. Well, not everything.

His neighbor Patty had also survived the events at the end of Neighbors, and together they are on the run.

Now, all they have are each other, and an address to a safe house, given to them by a man they don’t entirely trust. Is it a trap? Where will they end up?

Visit the Neighbors one last time. Buy Shermy today!

Love, family, and even a chance at redemption are waiting for Shermy. Is he brave enough to reach out and take them?

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