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TimeAlpha Media Fall 2023 Update

Since I stopped writing in September, I have used the time to complete the editing on my next four-book series. The series is called MILAB Files, and it is a sci-fi story that takes place throughout the solar system. These first four books take place mostly on the Moon, but later, the action will shift to Mars.

This is my first time writing a story that takes place in outer space, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

The main novel in the series is called I Was a Teenage MILAB, and it takes place at a very secret school situated near the lunar south pole.

As always, I have crafted three shorter works to accompany the novel.

Secret School is a prequel novelette that shows the origin of the school and the secret motives behind its creation.

Secret Seed is a novelette that takes place around the end of the novel. This story takes place on Earth, and involves, kidnapping, aliens, and a high school prom.

Secret Station is a novella that serves as a sequel to the main novel for many of the side characters. Many questions left over from the novel are answered, and it sets the stage for the second set of stories that will be published in the near future.

All four of these books will release on or about November 18, 2023.

But that’s not all…

I have four more stories drafted, and in November, I will start the editing process on them.

The main novel in the series is The Colony. It is a sequel to my first novel, The Chorus. It continues the story of Brownie and the other cats of Relictown. As Relictown itself is being torn down around them, the cats have to come to terms with both losing their homes, and the fact the chorus model that was the backbone of their society was really all one big lie.

Again, as always, I have crafted three more works to accompany the novel.

Fido is a novelette that tells the story of everyone’s favorite cat-who-wants-to-be-a dog. Fido’s Canine Lifestyle Appreciation Warren is finally up and running. But, when some of the students bring a rambunctious puppy to the school, Fido has to make some tough decisions about both the school and what he wants for his life. This is a prequel to The Colony.

Angelo is a novelette that continues the story of the Yellowton who survived. Angelo is haunted by survivors guilt. Out of the blue, he is presented with an offer that he never imagined was possible. He only has to give up everything he has to realize his dream.

Simon is a full novel and a sequel to The Colony. It finally tells the story of Simon, the green cat from The Chorus who was traveling backwards through time. This novel spans the entire timeline for the series and serves as both a beginning and an ending to the story of the Relictown cats. This was originally planned as a novelette, but the story grew in the telling.

If the editing stays on schedule, these books will be released in the Winter of 2024.

After that?

Instead of writing eight books and having to edit them all at once, I’m going to focus on one project at a time.

Starting in January, I will be drafting a new project. Like the projects, it is planned to be a novel and three supplemental stories. The projected release date for this project is Summer 2024.

Once that is done, the next project will be the sequels to I Was a Teenage MILAB. Four more stories in that universe are going to be so fun to create. Again, if things stay on schedule, The MILAB sequels should release in the Winter of 2025.

And that will be six novels (seven if you include the unplanned Simon novel). The end of phase one of my author career, if you like. I will have published my first novel, a thriller/romance, a sci-fi adventure, my first sequel, a completed trilogy, a secret experimental story, and a war novel. In addition to these seven novels will be 17 novelettes and novellas.

With all the experience that will come from completing these 24 works, I am confident that I will be better able to tackle the more complex, higher concept story ideas that have been on the back burner this whole time.


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