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Elevator Pitch for The Chorus

Okay, so I guess the big question is: why would someone want to spend $4.99 on one of my ebooks?

Well, here's the answer. $4.99 is less than the cost of a movie ticket for a movie that will more than likely disappoint you. It is less than the cost of a month of a streaming service you probably forgot you were paying for. It costs less than a meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.

And guess what. My novels will entertain you more than an expensive night out at the movies. They're more binge-worthy than a series on streaming. They're even more nutritious than your favorite hamburger and fries.

What you'll get are novels that will have you dying to read "just one more chapter" until you get the end. They're filled with great characters that are not perfect, but try to make the most out of the situations they find themselves in. They are fun novels that are exciting at times and humorous in the right parts. You will feel sad and happy, in turn, though maybe not in order.

There are also surprises that are so good, you'd probably buy the books if I told you about them, but it would ruin the surprises. And with this culture of being able to know anything about anything at any time, genuine surprises are rare and wonderful. There is no wiki to read summaries of my novels. There aren't even any reviews that will spoil anything. You'll get to go in fresh and enjoy them like you used to enjoy things before everything was spoiled.

Imagine seeing Titanic and not knowing the ending. Bad example. But you get what I mean, right? Here is an elevator pitch for my first novel, The Chorus!

The Chorus - This book is "The Secret of NIMH" meets "The Blues Brothers". It's like one of those old great Disney classics, complete with musical numbers and a wacky sidekick. It's a tale of overcoming odds and not being defined by what you are, or are not.

Brownie is declawed kitten who finds himself in a small town feral cat colony. In this colony, the elite cats sing on choruses that rule the different territories. Brownie's dream is to be on one of those choruses. But, he has no family, no claws, no friends, and no way to hunt for food. What he does have is hope.

As Brownie attempts to follow his dream, he meets a variety of eclectic cats (and they're all on the cover of the book). There's Heritage, the orange cat, who is guaranteed a spot on one of the choruses, but doesn't want it. Bacia, the white cat with the calico tail, who wants to be the first female cat on one of the choruses. Angelo, the yellow cat, who is on the oldest chorus in the town. Fido, the cat with the flat head, who styles himself a dog. He wears an oversized dog collar and usually carries a bone in his mouth. Then, there's Simon. The green cat. Why is he green? You'll have to read and find out.

Here's a link to all the stores where you can buy The Chorus

It is available as an ebook at all the stores for $4.99 or as a paperback from Amazon for $14.99.

For a bonus, check out the paperback listing, it shows the back cover that I designed to look like one of those old-time sideshow posters.

So, have I convinced you? I hope so.

I can't wait to share this world with you!

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