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A Novel

Published: May 14, 2022

Available in: ebook from Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and hardcover from Amazon

A kitten with an impossible dream…

…uncovers a dangerous secret.

Brownie’s deepest desire is to join one of the Eight Great Cat Choruses that reign over the local feral cat colony. He was born with the ability to sing at a level few in the colony can match, but talent alone may not be enough to overcome all of Brownie’s problems.

First, he is a declawed kitten from outside the colony. He has no home, no family, and no way to hunt for food. Brownie has to use most of his time and energy just trying to figure out how to survive another day.

Then, to make matters worse, his curiosity almost gets him killed when he stumbles upon a dark secret of one of the most powerful chorus cats in the colony. Now he’s made enemies of the very cats he wants to sing with on stage.

How will Brownie even survive?

And how can he achieve his dream now that his dream is hunting him?

Action, intrigue, and an eclectic group of cats await you in this thrilling novel of Brownian motion. You’ll love this story, because everybody loves an underdog, even if he’s a cat.

Buy The Chorus now!

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