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We've got trouble. Right here in the solar system.

Malevolent aliens are breeding human slaves on Mars and shipping them throughout the galaxy. With the aid of dissidents from friendly alien species, a secret school is set up on the Moon that can train assets that will allow humanity to liberate their fellow humans on the red planet.

Join Ero, an “asset” by accident, and other not-so-voluntary volunteers as they train on esoteric techniques that humanity has been prohibited from possessing for millennia. If Ero and his fellow students are discovered, Mars will not be the only planet with a human slave trade.


I Was a Teenage MILAB
A Novel

Abducted by accident!

Ero Hartwell was just minding his own business when he was paralyzed, floated out of his room, and taken to a secret school on the Moon. Join Ero as he adjusts to life on the Moon, ascended alien teachers, and little gray aliens who run the school.

Read a sample chapter HERE!


Secret School
A Novelette

What's more secret than a secret school on the Moon?

The story of how it came to be.

Doctor Gregory Hill is a member of a secret research lab on the Moon. Hill and his colleagues are in possession of forbidden technology that could uplift humanity into a new future. However, there are many alien races, and some humans who will stop at nothing to possess this technology for themselves.


Secret Seed
A Novelette

Teresita's prom night will be perfect...if it's the last thing she does!

The stars are not aligning for Teresita on the night of her prom.  Follow Teresita as the most important day of her life goes from a chick flick to a horror movie to a sci-fi b-movie.  Will it end in triumph, tragedy, or at the prom?


Secret Station
A Novella

Secrets are revealed!

Mano just wants to be left alone on his private space station where he can't hurt anyone anymore. However, three strangers make their way to his sanctuary. They are survivors of a secret school on the Moon that was recently the scene of a horrific massacre.  They survived a Draco attack, but can they survive Mano?

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