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Relictown is different from its neighbors. Maybe it's something about the globe-topped spires that surround the town that makes the feral cats act the way they do. They have arranged themselves into territories, each ruled by a chorus of five cats.

Brownie is a declawed kitten who finds his way to Relictown. His dream is to join the ranks of the elite cats and sing on one of the choruses.

Project 1 tells the story of Brownie and the group of eclectic cats he meets along his journey. It is a story told in four parts.

The Chorus Bowker.jpg

The Chorus - a novel that details Brownie's journey to become a member of one of the famed cat choruses in the town. Available at your favorite online ebook retailer.

Brownie Bowker.jpg

Brownie - a novelette that explores Brownie's early life and how he got to where he was at the beginning of The Chorus. FREE to download from your favorite online ebook retailer.

Heritage Bowker.jpg

Heritage - a novelette that follows the journey of Brownie's best friend, Heritage, and his life filled with secrets.  This story takes place at the same time as The Chorus. Delivered to your inbox for FREE when you sign up for the TimeAlpha Media newsletter.

Bacia Bowker.jpg

Bacia - a novelette that takes place after The Chorus and serves as the perfect ending for the project.  Check in on your favorite cats one more time and see where everyone ends up. Available at your favorite online ebook retailer.

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